Birkenshaw Bells U12 vs Fulneck Match Report 16th May 2018

First Quarter

Started off well with some fine interceptions from Evie, Jess and Charlotte in defence, who then passed the ball through  Georgia and Lottie in centre court which led to some sharp shooting by Liberty and Pheobe. However gave the ball away 6 times and some footwork calls kept the score closer than the play deserved

Second Quarter

Amelia on at WD

Players worked hard to get ball side which meant we got a lot of turnover ball. Lottie arrived at the top of the circle to always be an option and Charlotte made some great passes into the D. Once again defence was strong with Amelia helping Evie and Jess keep the opposition scoring low. Still need to work on not crowding and using the full width of the court

Third Quarter

Liberty and Phoebe used the space in the circle well. Jess and Evie taking a lot of ball in defence not just tipping the ball but grabbing the ball in. Amelia proving very determined at WD and Georgia and Lottie covering a lot of ground in Centre Court. Need to work on Back line passes

Fourth Quarter

Finished the game of well. Charlotte back on after a slight injury and played very well at WA. Georgia moving to WD and having her best Quarter. Jess and Evie finishing strong Liberty following her shots in and taking a lot of rebound ball, great improvement. Phoebe showing wonderful shooting technique and Lottie passing some clever ball into the Circle.

POM goes to Jess for some great defensive work, a lot of caught ball well done

Overall a super performance. Work to do on finding space and overhead passes but a great experience you did the club proud. Well done Bells!

‘Birky Blinders’ Mixed Team Match Report 14th May 2018

A slow start as expected, as the team had never played together. We were mostly pulled for footwork and obstruction. But there were some fast passes and direct drives onto the ball.

The second quarter was better with a mix up of positions however we were still pulled for silly mistakes. Strengths: strong passes, finding space and we were not pulled as much for footwork.

Third quarter showed great improvement we swapped Thomas into C, Mark into GD and Anne into GA. And this is when the team started going from strength to strength. Shooting was on point and the fast play meant we were getting away from defence. Unfortunately, Anne was injured but Sam stepped into the role as GA with a strong performance.

We certainly improved quarter on quarter, a lot more aggression shown on the last quarter (may need to rein mark in for future matches!!)  Katie and Tanya gained confidence in the D pulling it back to a respectable 8-16 defeat in our first ever match. Well done everyone a great effort great potential wishing Anne a speeding recovery.

POM was Katie Shuttleworth for her confident shooting 💙💙🏐💜💜

Harriet 🙂


Bikenshaw Bells Match Report 13th May 2018

Game 1 – U14 B v YMCA 4

The first quarter started off well with good movement down court and lovely interchange from defence to attack which giving us an early lead. We struggled to maintain this and a few misplaced passes and obstruction calls allowed YMCA to claw back to 5-4 at the end of first quarter.

The second quarter again started off well with a three-goal lead. Then three footwork calls and some hesitant marking meant YMCA came back to 9-8.

A switch up of positions saw Emily H moving to GK, Katie moving to GD, Niamh moving to GA and Liberty moving to GS. Summer also tactically marked GA at the centre pass and as a result we flew into a four-goal lead. Anna at WD made some lovely interceptions along with Summer’s careful placement to Lottie who gave lots of accurate and fast feeds into Liberty and Niamh to finish off superbly. Defensively Emily and Katie forced the opposition to either throw the ball away or be penalised for held ball. By far the best quarter with only one footwork call and all girls passing well and defending superbly. Bells score 8 and only conceded 2. Undoubtedly our best quarter of the season going into the last quarter 17-10 to Bells.

The girls played some super netball defensively and at times the ball moved down court like a dream. Still a few footwork and contact calls that are simple to fix. We won the last quarter 3-2 giving us an impressive 20-12 finish.

Overall massive improvements in all departments. Still work to do but immensely proud of the team work and spirit. All players should be very pleased with their performance.

Well done to Summer much deserved Player of the Match!

Keep up the good work,

Mark (very proud Birkenshaw Bells Coach)

Bikenshaw Bells Match Report 6th May 2018

Game 1 – Bells U12 v Twinkles – 20-6

An outstanding performance for U12 today and undoubtably the best game of the season. A slow start in the first quarter with work needed on getting in front of our markers and quicker, more reactive movement. There were some great interceptions from Georgia Harris and the connecting of play was much better towards the end of the first quarter.  The second quarter was lead strongly by Liberty and Georgia who worked hard to move the ball down court. There were a few mistakes with footwork and delays in decision making exposing the need for us to work on keeping our concentration throughout. In addition, we  need to eliminate slow loopy over head passes which guarantee a loss in possession. The third quarter was our best yet with some excellent displays of team work and use of passing channels to feed the ball safely into the shooting circle. At times we were too fast which effected our decision making but even so we raced away with the goal difference giving the opposition a challenging lead to chase. The final quarter secured the win and there were some impressive, quality finished for Liberty from the outer edge of the shooting circle. POM went to Georgia Harris who worked tirelessly in center making a number of vital interceptions for the team, well done.

It was by far the most comfortable and well connected game played by the U12 and the progress made is a testament to each players commitment to improve and the hard work in training. Continue to keep up fitness and training over the summer and I am confident we will be able to excel even further. A great way to finish our first season, well done girls and keep up the good work!

Bikenshaw Bells Match Report 29th April 2018

Game 1 – U14B v Rothwell – 15-19

Slow start but we pulled back towards the end of the first quarter with some excellent defending to give a slight lead. We need to be faster and more responsive from the first whistle to get in front of our players and keep the passing positive. In the second quarter, some basic mistakes were made which lost us easy possession in addition to a lack of communication from the team. There were however, some excellent, confident finishes from Niamh Spencer Brooke in GS which helped us keep a limited goal difference. The third quarter was our worst and we struggled through. The team felt disconnected and the possessions went backwards and forward putting pressure on our fitness to change roles. There was a usual high work rate from Summer Haynes which gave us some timely interception. We fought hard in the final quarter. The pressure got to us at times and we rushed passing form the backline giving us a couple of incorrect setting calls. Even so the team kept pressing and were resilient to continue clawing the goal difference back to a fair 15-19 final result. POM went to Sumer Haynes for another valuable performance driving the teams attack and defensive, winning back possession, showing determination and good game sense throughout.

Well done all. The team has come to the end of its season but the improvement made are a testament to the hard work put in this year which has set some great foundation for the season to come. Keep up fitness levels over the summer so we can hit the ground running next year.

Game 2 – U14 A v Twinkles – 21-22

A very close, well contested and physical game. Mistakes from both sides kept the game level in main and we finished strongly but unfortunately were pipped right at the end.
Esme – Great movement, athletic and confident shooting. Sometimes struggled to get free. Strong player and had a good game. Chloe – Good movement and held up players well but needs to stand up tall and straight, not lean into them. Needs to stay on toes to get around players. Darted well and confident shooting. Emily – Super movement. Darted and popped well. Got away from players. Needs to be more assertive around other players. Excellent at defending. Surprised herself and showed some real aggression! Contender for POM. Hattie – Great receiving of the ball. Got away well from a good WD. Quick movement and darting to receive the ball. Decision making when passing out the ball needs work. Had a great overall game. Contender for POM. Charlotte – Work rate and athleticism is outstanding. Determined and assertive throughout the game. Needs to work on core strength to stand up and get around players. Defended really well. Harriet M – Had a high work rate, got free and into space well. Needs to work on timing and staying closer to player. Great passing and receiving of the ball, safe in possession and was undoubtedly the calmest player on the court. POM for being the most composed player, vital in turn overs and didn’t let the pressure affect her play, well done. Harriet C – Good movement and got into space well. Excellent control of the ball. Needs to work on maintaining focus through whole game. Versatile and played well in all different positions. Very flexible. Mia – Had an excellent start at GD. Really got in the way and got some good turn around ball. Dip in the third quarter and needs to work on positioning in the circle. Great effort and never gave up. Ella – Good effort throughout the game. Consistent. Great reach and got most rebounds. Needs to work on positioning in the circle and keeping her eye on the ball.

A bitter sweet end to the season to have come so close but some good reflection after the game gave perspective. We are confident there will be lots of wins to come in the new season providing we continue with the high work ethic and determination to succeed. Well done everyone!


Bikenshaw Bells Match Report 22nd April 2018

Game 1 – Bells U14 1 v Fusion 1 – 22-20

After a couple of weeks off we started slow with limited movement off the ball. We struggled to bed into the game and took almost three quarters to get a fluid, quality passage of play. Although the better team there was not enough movement and desire to get in front of our markers and limited communication made for some rushed and panicked decisions. We need to work as a team more effectively and ensure we are covering the most dangerous players as oppose to just sticking with who we ‘should’ be marking. E.g. when GD is called for contact/obstruction out of the shooting circle, GA should be picked up by C and WA slowing her progression into the circle. Having said that it was another cool- headed performance from Emily Chapman with some quality shooting from middle distance keeping our goal rate ticking over. Not our best performance to date but a job done in the end for Bells 1. Player of the match goes to Harriet Cross given for a versatile and valuable performance in GD and WD showing an incredible work rate and some outstanding defensive, well done.


Game 2 – Bell U12 v LANC 4 – 15-28

An overall positive performance this week form U12 and a noticeably more confident appearance. It is evident that fitness is improving and decision making is getting better. The first quarter was slow but gradually got better towards the end. Quarter two saw some great playing partnerships between Georgia, Jessica, and Liberty driving the ball effectively into the shooting circle. We had a slightly dip into quarter three with some simple mistakes in terms of footwork and passing resulting in us loosing possession regularly. There is also still some work to do on rebounds in the shooting circle and timing of the jump to increase turn-over rate. This was by far the most convincing performance from U12 and you should be all very proud of how far you have come in such a short space of time. Player of the match goes to Liberty Pearson who had a phenomenal game with great movement, interceptions and some outstanding finishes driving our biggest score this season. Special mention also to Jessica Hill-Samuel who played excellent making some great assists in attack. Well done all, great effort.


Game 3 – Bells U14 2 v YMCA – 11-33

A progressive match where we started off well, faded in the 3rd and came back really strong in the last quarter.
Niamh Spencer-Brooke – was consistent at GS and had some great movement.
Emily Hilton – Played a good defence but was outstanding at GA/GS. Good movement and strong. Stood up.
Both defended well in the last quarter which made a difference and they broke down the opposition’s game.
Anna Richardson – was quick on court, strong passing and receiving. Had a good game as Centre.
Annabel Cooke – WD/WA/GD Good all-round game. Outstanding at GD in second half when she stuck to her player. Needs to get her arms out and up more.
Summer Haynes – Great Centre court player. Kept going throughout the whole game. Excellent movement. Most aware on court. Did some super interceptions. Reads the game well. Good poker face too😁. Player of the match for me. Needs to follow the ball when she had got hands/tipped it.
Alyssa Chera – Great speed across court, moved, darted well. Good passing. Needs to watch footwork. Had a better game in attack than defence.
Katie Sykes – Good movement, speed-great passes and receiving of the ball. Needs to focus on sticking on player and getting arms up and out quicker.
Amy Johnson – Excellent passing and receiving of the ball. Got into space well. May be more attack than defence. Needs to focus and more agility on court.
All need to be more determined, focused on the ball/game.

Great day of Netball all round girls well done, lets keep working and pushing to finish the season strong!

Bikenshaw Bells Match Report 11th February 2018

Game 1 – Birkenshaw Bells U12 v Giants 1 – 2-18

With a slight advantage due to Giants being 1 player down for the first few minutes we started positive and energetic. Excellent work rate from Georgia Harris in C and safe rebounds from Jess Shaw. Still some slow decision making and sloppy passes which lost us possession in areas. We battled on in the second quarter and there was some fantastic interceptions from Chloe Blamires. Center passes need work to ensure we secure the possession advantage and make the most out of the attacking position. With a switch up in the third quarter Charlotte Irwin shone in C and her movement was extremely effective in the mid court. There were moments when we limited passing options as we struggled to get free and work is needed on dropping our defenders. Chasing the lead in the final quarter there was some outstanding interception from Chloe and Evie and a great attitude from all to keep going by putting 100% effort into the play.

Even though we suffered another defeat, it was again another demonstration of our progress and against one of the leading clubs first teams we held our own. Player of the match went to Chloe Blamires again for another great performance and improvement in GK with excellent rebound balls and effective distribution, well done!

Game 2 – Birkenshaw Bells U14 B v Wakefield Wildcats – 17-14

A strong, positive ‘can do’ attitude from the beginning of the game by Birkenshaw Bells – securing a lead early on with a great shot by Chloe. The girls worked the ball well down the court, making use of all their players. Communication was good – more spacing was needed at times to secure a safe pass. With a strong defence, Wildcats found it difficult to get the ball into their circle.

Although we did well to hold the lead in the second quarter and continued to score goals – there was some sloppy, weak passing allowing the ball to be easily intercepted. However, we still excelled at working the ball down the court – setting our own pace, and keeping it steady. Some fantastic interceptions from Summer meant possession was kept.

In the third quarter, communication was very good. Brimming with confidence, the girls showed off how fabulous they really are! Good pressure, tight defending from everyone and some excellent interceptions once again secured us a lead of 5 goals. At the very end of this quarter, we allowed Wildcats to get a couple of goals – as we seemed to switch off a bit, perhaps feeling too secure with our lead? Keep it going until the whistle everybody!

Wildcats started this quarter very strongly – which knocked us for a few minutes! Bells pushed through though, with a renewed spirit and focus on the win. There was good passing and movement in the attacking third, to secure 3 goals in this quarter. Some chances were missed in both circles by not going for rebounds. Chloe was on fire with her shooting throughout the game, with an amazing ‘edge of the circle’ shot as the pinnacle of this quarter!

A fabulous, well deserved, hard fought win showing that hard work, commitment, and determination pay off! Well done

Mark’s Notes

Team started of well leading 5-2 first quarter through some strong centre play from Summer Alyssa and Anna. Amy and Kate causing the opposition attack problems through good defending and lovely movement in the attacking circle from Chloe and Lottie

Second quarter picked up where we left off moving to a 8-3 lead however fitness proved an issue going in at half time 8-5 which did not reflect the way the team had played.

After a rest at half time the girls came out on firing racing to 14-5 lead. Some wonderful netball being played by the Bells passing in front of the player and great space being found all over court. However tailed off once again to go into last quarter leading 14 -7. The quarter was too close to a couple of footwork calls and wayward passes lead to a nervy finish. The girls held out to a deserved win 17-14.

  • Areas of praise – Passing a massive improvement
  • Area of praise – defending all worked back
  • Area for improvement – Centre pass
  • Area for improvement – attendance at training

Player of the match Chloe Wood, well done. 

Game 3 – Birkenshaw Bells U14 A vs Huddersfield Giants 2 – 19-11

First quarter a solid start some lovely interceptions followed by some rushed passes which lead to a narrow 5-3 lead at the end of the first quarter. Second quarter not our best lapsed back into bad habits of loosing players in defence and turning our back on the ball. However, signs were there of teamwork with some pleasing movement up court finished off by Emily and Harriet.

Third and fourth quarter was a joy to watch hard work starting to pay off with great rebound pick ups from Ella and Mia. Super movement and passing from the three Harriets. Wonderfully lead by Charlotte at centre who seemed to be everywhere. All finished off with great skill from Emily and Esme. This meant we only concede one goal in the last quarter this lead to a impressive 19 -11 win.

  • Area of praise – movement up court at times was a wonder to watch
  • Area of praise – fitness those suicides are paying off
  • Area for improvement – facing the ball
  • Area for improvement- passing under pressure

Player of the Match – Emily Chapman, well done!

An unbelievable weekend for Birkenshaw Bells and well done to every girl that represented the club, some great results and outstanding play by all, keep up the good work.

Big thanks again to Sue for ALL the organisation this weekend, sorting all paperwork, teams and attending all 3 matches, the club would not run without you! Also thanks to all helpers for coaching, scoring, collecting money, completing paper work, writing notes for match reports and finally all that spectated and supported the girls in their outstanding achievements this weekend, a great team effort.